What Happens At A Tinnitus UK Full Assessment?

We first perform a thorough examination and case history to try to find the underlying cause of your tinnitus. If there are any blockages that may be causing tinnitus, we will remove them. Once this is resolved, or if this is not necessary, we will offer a treatment plan for managing your tinnitus.

An examination includes the following:

In-depth Investigation of Your Medical History - to determine existing medical conditions

Tinnitus Handicap Index Questionnaire - to determine the severity and negative impact of tinnitus

Tinnitus Functional Index Questionnaire - to determine the specific areas of everyday life that tinnitus is impacting

Otoscopy - to determine the health of the outer ear and eardrum

Micro Suction Ear Wax Removal - to remove ear wax when necessary (ear wax is a common cause of tinnitus) 

Pure Tone Audiometry - full hearing assessment to establish hearing thresholds

Uncomfortable Loudness Levels - to determine sound tolerance levels

Tinnitus Pitch Matching - to determine your suitability for specific tinnitus treatments

Tinnitus Loudness Matching - to determine perceived tinnitus intensity

Tinnitus Minimum Masking Level -  - to determine likely success of tinnitus habituation treatments

Residual Inhibition Test - to further determine likely success of tinnitus habituation treatments

Explanation of Test Results - to enable you to understand your condition

General Treatment Discussion - to formulate your treatment programme

A Follow-up Appointment Is Scheduledto measure progress and determine further treatment if necessary


You will also be offered applicable self help advice and further professional treatment if necessary. 

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